My name is Rachel...and I'm happy you're here.

My intention is to fill each day with new ideas and innovations to support all my clients, young and not so young.  

Engagement with my clients, whether face to face or online, incorporates a blend of kinesiology, energy balancing, body consciousness, colour and sound healing, 5 element theory, essential oils and flower essences, chakra healing and all sprinkled with my innate wisdom and life experience.

I am passionate about working with children to bring happiness and harmony into the home.

To assist children (and their families) with the ups and downs of life, I have created a range of aromatherapy mists and balms called The Creativities.

For more information about these products please hop over to The Creativities page.

In kinesiology we look to restore the being to optimum equilibrium, recognising that it has its own innate healing intelligence comprising not just the mental, physical and emotional bodies, but also the spiritual, structural, chemical and nutritional aspects as well.  At any time the being is aiming to re-establish this equilibrium and kinesiology is one way in which this can be effectively assisted.

Kinesiology uses what is known as muscle testing to access the invisible channels of energy that exist within the body, and this is what enables the practitioner to communicate where possible imbalances and stressors are showing up.

This offers each individual the tools and resources needed by accessing the innate wisdom stored in their body and to then activate their own self-healing intelligence.  


can it help you?


Do I do?

Energy balancing incorporates clearing negativity, stagnant energy, stress and shock using chakra balancing, sound and colour therapy and essential oil and flower essence therapies.


Intuitive guidance stems from the ability to understand something instinctively, without need for conscious reasoning. Using ones intuition can also be known as clairaudience or clairvoyance.

Awareness is key and it is a vital part of my sessions and there is real delight in seeing a person be ready and willing to take responsibility for their health and well-being through self-actualisation and commitment to change..

There are many different and varied reasons why people choose to come and see me.  Overall they are looking to find some understanding or awareness about an issue they may have whether on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. As such,  a collaborative relationship exists between myself and my clients which is both powerful and enjoyable.


Physical ailments or imbalance such as pain, limited movement, digestive or hormonal issues, headaches may be improved or even dismissed. Emotional stability may be re-established as well as re-connection (to themselves or others). Some people like to come just to touch base and ensure that they are operating at their brightest level, whereas others will come to work towards solving a specific issue.  

Parents bring children to me for similar reasons, and because they may need assistance with social awareness, fears and anxiety, concentration and learning, relaxing or finding a sense of belonging or a sense of self.

I am a member of IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists)