We are The Creativities.

We are a bunch of friends who are here to help support, inspire and nurture children. We all have special characteristics and skills so we are able to assist with the ups and downs of life, enabling children to access their own talents, nourishing their minds and imaginations and helping them to feel like one of us!

We are currently available in a range of mists and balms created using flower essences and essential oils, designed to be gentle on the skin and delicate to the nose.  Jump over to the shop page for more detailed information and to order.

I'm Bingo the Brave. Here to help you speak up and be heard. I want you to feel brave and say how you feel to make it clear what you need. 

I'm Captain O'Confidence and I feel good being Captain O'Confidence! I love being me! I want you to imagine there is a tiny yellow sun inside you, warming your tummy and making you feel good being you!

I'm Chipper McChill. I'm cool and relaxed. I say slow down, take a deep breath and feel calm and chilled out.

I'm Easy Breezy Louisey. I have so much fun playing with friends and helping others. I think you should ask someone new to play with you, or try playing a new game.

I'm Peppy Pickles. I love learning new things and have cool ways to stay focused and calm. I say "give me a Hi-5 - I know you can do it!"

I'm Sammy Snuggleton. I love cuddles and the feeling of being wrapped up all secure and snuggly. I think you should have fun wriggling your toes in the sand or grass.