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Best Buddies Sammy Snuggleton and Chipper McChill snuggle up to chill out together, combining the benefits offered of feeling safe and secure with feeling calm and chilled.


Pack contains 1 x 15ml body balm and 1 x 30ml mist, together with a key elements card bringing information of more ways they may help.  PLEASE ADVISE if you have a preference for which comes as a balm and which as a mist.

Best Buddy pack HUG

  • Sammy Snuggleton lovingly assists in feeling sheltered, embraced and comforted.

    Be enveloped in love, strength and harmony with Sammy Snuggleton.

    Sammy Snuggleton enhances self-nurturing and self-love, and supports when there is confusion and uncertainty.

    Sammy Snuggleton helps to feel grounded, supported and at home, and  aids healing where there is hurt or pain

    Sammy Snuggleton is ideal for bed time and even better for soothing nerves at sleepovers, or for when there has been change in family circumstances.

    Sammy Snuggleton is the one to choose where there is separation anxiety.


    Chipper McChill is extremely popular and much loved by many children and parents alike.

    Chipper McChill offers a soft place to rest and restore and assists a feeling of being settled, easing restlessness and agitation

    Chipper McChill is settling for the stomach where tension and emotions are withheld.

    Slow down with Chipper McChill when impatient or being a Speedy Gonzalez.

    Chipper McChill is beneficial for fatigue, exhaustion and when overwrought.

    Chipper McChill also ssists with respiratory congestion and grief.


    For ingredients please visit the individual product pages


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