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Bingo the Brave may assist in easier communication of wants and needs as well as the calm and safe expression of feelings.


Bingo the Brave supports an ability to speak up and feel heard, and to enhance self-responsibility and self-belief.


Bingo the Brave aims to bring reassurance, calm and courage after shock. and assists in being present and able to accept change.


Bingo the Brave may assist where there is bed-wetting, nightmares or night terrors.



Bingo the Brave is able to speak up and feel heard.

Bingo wants you to feel brave and say how you feel to make it clear what you need.



The mist is designed for a subtle and easy application around pulse points, i.e. wrists, neck or temples. or can be spritzed onto belongings such as teddies, t-shirts, bedding, pillow.  


The mist can also be used as a room spritz.


The mist is easy for children to use and the all-natural ingredients and subtle quantity of essential oils used mean it is safe to use on young skin.


Please note:

Avoid spraying the mist into open eyes or mouth.

Try the mist on a small area first to ensure no irritation is caused. 

Store out of direct sunlight.

Bingo the Brave mist

PriceFrom £20.00
  • Ingredients: Purified Water; Essential Oils; Sweet Orange, Sweet Fennel, Cypress and Flower Essences; Dog Rose, Billy Goat Plum, Bush Fuschia, Southern Cross & Grey Spider Flower, the Creativities Mother Tincture.


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