Chipper McChill is highly popular and much loved.


Chipper McChill offers a soft place to rest & restore and assists a feeling of being settled, easing restlessness & agitation

Chipper McChill is settling for the stomach where tension & emotions are withheld.

Slow down with Chipper McChill or when impatient or being a Speedy Gonzalez.

Chipper McChill is beneficial for fatigue, exhaustion and if overwrought.

Chipper McChill also ssists with respiratory congestion & grief


The mist is designed for a subtle and easy application around pulse points, i.e. wrists, neck or temples. or can be spritzed onto belongings such as teddies, t-shirts, bedding, pillow. The mist is easy for children to use and the all natural ingredients and appropriate quantity of essential oils used mean it is safe to use on young skin.  Avoid spraying the mist into open eyes or mouth.  Try the mist on a small area first to ensure no irritation is caused.

Chipper McChill Mist

  • Ingredients: Purified Water + Essential Oils; Roman Chamomile, Rosalina, Nerolina, True Lavender + Flower Essences; Black Eyed Susan, Chamomile, Crowea & Lavender


    Mist is 30 ml


    Lovingly made in Melbourne by a qualified aromatherapist