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Easy Breezy Louisey helps to feel positive and to be ready for school.


Easy Breezy Louisey assists in feeling safe, aware and comfortable in social activities


Easy Breezy Louisey aids in dealing with pressure and expectations (from self or others)


Connect to the inner child – sweet, happy and playful with Easy Breezy Louisey


Easy Breezy Louisey encourages lightness and ease in life and gives permission to play and have fun



Easy Breezy Louisey has so much fun playing with friends and helping others.

Easy Breezy says to ask someone new to play with you, or try playing a game you've never played before.



The balm is designed for application to pulse points, i.e. wrists, neck, temples.


The balm is easy for children to use and the all natural ingredients and subtle quantity of essential oil contained are designed to be appropriate for children's skin.


Please note:

Always try a small amount first to be sure no irritation will be caused.

Not to be used on lips or taken internally.

Store out of direct sunlight.

Easy Breezy Louisey pulse point balm

  • Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter + Essential Oils; Mandarin, German Chamomile + Flower Essences; Boab, Little Flannel Flower, Mallow & Tall Mulla

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