Eddy Exhale is for when wearing all the hats gets to be too much.

Perfect for mothers, fathers, carers, teachers and other humans who every so often need to feel comforted and reassured.  Imagine you're receiving a great big hug!


Call on Eddy Exhale to:

  • bring in a mothering energy for you that is nurturing & reassuring
  • uplift, brighten & bring positivity
  • create a space for redefining boundaries
  • soothe an over-active mind & the feeling of being empty
  • boost energy & ability to keep on going 
  • provide a soft, peaceful space to re-fuel & re-charge

Eddy Exhale Mist

  • Beautiful soft-smelling mist containing purified water, essential oils: benzoin, cardamom, palmarosa, rose geranium and lemon verbena; flower essences: alpine mint bush, flannel flower, mariposa lily, philotheca, and sunshine wattle together with the Creativities mother tincture flower essence.




    Give me a shake and spritz around your pulse points or your desired space.  Please keep out of direct sunlight.