Eddy Exhale is to uplift and nurture the amazing person (mama, dad, carer, teacher...) when it all gets too much wearing so many hats.


Eddy Exhale brings in a gentle, mothering energy for nurturing and reassurance.


Eddy Exhale uplifts, brightens and brings positivity.


Create a space for redefining boundaries with Eddy Exhale.


Eddy Exhale soothes an over-active mind, and replenishes when feel empty.


Eddy Exhale boosts energy, revitalising and giving the ooomph needed to keep on going.


Eddy Exhale provides a soft ane peaceful space to re-fuel and re-charge.


Feel hugged and held by Eddy Exhale.



Take time out, apply a little Eddy Exhale to your pulse points, find a quiet place close your eyes, breathe in gently and then fully e-x-h-a-l-e. 

Repeat at least 5 times before heading off to put on one of your  many hats so as to enjoy the feeling of being offered comfort, a virtual hug, like your hand is being held and you're being reminded of the amazing job you're doing every day xx.



The mist is designed for a subtle and easy application around pulse points, i.e. wrists, neck or temples. or can be spritzed onto bedding or the pillow.  


The mist can also be used as a room spritz.


The mist is delightful to use and the all-natural ingredients and appropriate quantity of essential oils used mean it is safe to use on skin.



Please note:

Avoid spraying the mist into open eyes or mouth.

Try the mist on a small area first to ensure no irritation is caused.

Store out of direct sunlight.

Eddy Exhale mist

  • 100ml of beautiful soft-smelling mist containing purified water, essential oils: benzoin, cardamom, palmarosa, rose geranium and lemon verbena; flower essences: alpine mint bush, flannel flower, mariposa lily, philotheca, and sunshine wattle together with the Creativities mother tincture flower essence.