Sammy Snuggleton lovingly assists in feeling sheltered, embraced & comforted.

Be enveloped in love, strength & harmony with Sammy Snuggleton.

Sammy Snuggleton enhances self-nurturing & self-love and supports when there is confusion & uncertainty.

Sammy Snuggleton helps to feel grounded, supported & at home and to aid healing where there is hurt or pain

ideal for bed time and even better for soothing nerves at sleepovers or for when there has been change in family circumstances. 

Sammy Snuggleton is the one to choose where there is separation anxiety.


The balm is designed for application to pulse points, i.e. wrists, neck, temples.

The balm is easy for children to use and the all natural ingredients and appropriate quantity of essential oil contained are designed to be appropriate for children's skin.  Always try a small amount first to be sure no irritation will be caused.

Sammy Snuggleton Balm

  • Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter + Essential Oils; Desert Rosewood, Cedarwood Atlas, Rose + Flower Essences; Illawarra Flame Tree, Sundew & Red Suva Frangipani




    Lovingly made in Melbourne by a qualified aromatherapist