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Children and The Creativities

Children are a precious part of our world

To understand them is to cherish them,

to learn from them is a gift 

The Creativities bunch

My mission is to contribute to harmony and balance within families by offering insight, resources, awareness, understanding and tools for resilience.  

Sessions for children combine intuition,  kinesiology and energy balancing allowing the child's body (through the muscle testing) to give information that they may not have the language or understanding to communicate verbally or constructively (or both).  

Children are often particularly sensitive to their environment and the waves of energy within their body can become congested, stagnant or overwhelmed.

Reasons why children have sessions with me range from anxiety and worry, social and friendship situations, lack of confidence, (over)-sensitivity to sadness and grief, changes in family circumstances and busy mind, busy body.

Children as young as 4 can participate in their own session and for younger children and babies a parent or older sibling (8+) can act as a surrogate.

It is preferred that a parent (usually mum) has a session with me prior to a the child.

We are The Creativities.

We are on a quest for you to invest in bringing comfort & contentment, confidence & concentration, calm & chill and peace & harmony into yours and your children’s’ lives through our lovingly and locally created handmade range of aromatherapy mists and balms.


We are for fun & laughter, creativity & play, softness & gentleness and lightness & ease.  We are for giving things a go, going with the flow, laying in a beanbag & going slow and for smiling and saying ‘hello’.   

Bingo the Brave
Captain O Confidence
Chipper McChill

I'm Bingo the Brave. Here to help you speak up and be heard. I want you to feel brave and say how you feel to make it clear what you need. 

I'm Chipper McChill. I'm cool and relaxed. I say slow down, take a deep breath and feel calm and chilled out.

I'm Captain O'Confidence and I feel good being Captain O'Confidence! I love being me! I want you to imagine there is a tiny yellow sun inside you, warming your tummy and making you feel good being you!

Sammy Snuggleton
Peppy Pickles
Easy Breezy Louisey

I'm Peppy Pickles. I love learning new things and have cool ways to stay focused and calm. I say "give me a Hi-5 - I know you can do it!"

I'm Sammy Snuggleton. I love cuddles and the feeling of being wrapped up all secure and snuggly. I think you should have fun wriggling your toes in the sand or grass.

I'm Easy Breezy Louisey. I have so much fun playing with friends and helping others. I think you should ask someone new to play with you, or try playing a new game.

Each of The Creativities has their own lovingly combined base ingredients together with an assortment of essential oils and flower essences.

Essential oils and flower essences fall into the category of vibrational healing tools, and offer individual elements to uplift or soothe, to assist children through the natural ups and downs of life.

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