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Transformation programs

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"Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the EVOLUTION of your consciousness"

Eckhart Tolle

Are you, like many, reaching out to learn tools, techniques and resources to empower yourself for healing, and finding yourself overwhelmed as to where to start?  There is SO much ancient wisdom and contemporary interpretation available nowadays, along with an ever-increasing number of complimentary modalities, that you may find yourself doing nothing.

There is no 'one size fits all' and it is vital therefore for seekers to explore as many paths as desired for self-support and enlightenment.  This way you have the opportunity to dip a toe in and see if it feels 'right', if it resonates before diving in head first.  That said, diving in the deep end, whilst breath-taking, can also be profoundly transformational bringing exquisite healing, potent awareness and a seismic shift in the understanding of self. 

EVOLVING through learning programmes (in person or online, individual or group) provides choice.  And having choice, and making choice is EMPOWERING.

My offerings evolve as I do, and I encourage clients to identify what they need in order for me to guide them towards the pathway most nourishing and transformational for them.

Keep scrolling to read about my current programmes.

Your opportunity to EVOLVE is now.

Peppy Pickles

Yearning for learning

Join Me
Sacred geometry
Clearing the path to a more awakened and Essence-aligned way of Being

Take a deep breath and step towards your future ..whatever the future may mean to you - tomorrow, next week, month or even next year.

Choose whether to fall into it, with no clear path to follow, or to consciously create with intention, desire and meaning.

Are you ready to .....

💮 Feel energised and happy to be alive 💮

🌸 Know stillness and peace 🌸

🌹 Enjoy enhanced relationships 🌹

🌻 Be nourished and nurtured 🌻

To guide you into your future Evolution Solution available as a 1:1 online programme delivered weekly via Zoom (or similar) at a mutually convenient time (8 x 75 minute sessions, payable in advance)

What are people saying about Evolution Solution

During 2020, Rachel provided a number of options for me to remain connected to her (and myself), one of which was through her Evolution Solution programme.

Rachel's gentle, wise and genuine nature, her experience and ability to find the positive in each person and allow a space for you to see possibilities and alternative ways to meet challenges have kept me, and my 12 year old daughter on track through the most challenging of years.

  Rachel empowers you to find the goodness and light within yourself and has always managed to see beyond the words, providing a key for you to unlock doors for yourself.  I am a more connected person and have a deeper understanding of who I am, my abilities and my potential thanks to the carefully curated and delivered programme.

SF, Armadale

Flower essence therapy
A self-directed programme for women finding themselves in an empty nest

Some women choose to take a ‘gap year’ once the children have left, time to re-order the home, the diary and maybe a look at themselves.  Other women continue as they always have, ignoring the emptiness seeping through them, throwing themselves into work or pastimes in the hope of filling the void.  No matter which way, the questions remain


‘What does life look like for me now they’ve gone? 

Who even am I now?’

This is a major life stage and change of life and a time when it may feel as though your precious heart might never heal.


This programme is designed to lovingly acknowledge and honour your heart, to reassure you and to set you on your way to re-defining your identity and seeing yourself not as a reflection of the mother you have been, but of the woman you are.

This programme acknowledges, honours and celebrates YOU as a woman, always a mother to your child(ren), yet now able to take a look at yourself and see your own identity re-emerge.


This programme allows you to hear your own narrative of your unique path travelled through the years raising children, and to lovingly offer it into a metaphorical library so that you might write a new chapter, even a new book, where you play the lead character, appearing front and centre in  your life.

A FREE mini-course offering you freedom to flow and flourish in loving self

Let's acknowledge right now just how much talk is out there about SELF-LOVE and just how weird that can feel.

Do the words land well with you, or do you push them to one side?

What do you feel SELF-LOVE actually means?

Do you feel under pressure to pursue something which may feel totally beyond your comfort zone?

What if you were able to define your own meaning, awareness and understanding, relieving yourself of inner and outer expectation and instead creating a sacred and potent narrative and intention to live by.

This FREE download invites you to begin this process, to elevate the inner dialogue and through the power and beauty of language to birth a new perspective, one which is both meaningful and relevant to you as well as it making a contribution to the growth of consciousness, being a part of this world with light in your eyes and love in your heart.

You can begin right now.  START A REVOLUTION and click on Download Now to access your FREE mini-course.

A deep exploration into your cosmic essence,
A guided activation of your Soul's Blueprint.

Be curious to create DIRECTION, EMPOWERMENT and SELF-VALIDATION for an enriched you through astrology readings and emotional fluency awakening.

This is a truly beautiful online collaboration with the gorgeous Tory of Active Stillness.  Together we share our individual wisdom, knowledge and intuition, and our combined desire to see you FLOURISH.

WONDER is an online-only programme delivered via Zoom and comprises of FOUR sessions over FOUR consecutive weeks.

Tory begins  the journey with you in week one from her beautiful home nestled in nature in the glorious Byron Bay Hinterland.  This session comprises of a Natal Astrology reading.

Tory will then hand over to me for your week two session where I will tap into the cellular memory within your body to achieve Emotional Fluency.

Week three hands you back to Tory for Medical Astrology Insights and what your Moon, Sun and Rising Signs reveal about how best to support your body.

And I finish off with you in week four identifying which meridian pathways, essential oils and flower essences can most benefit your Emotional Intelligence.


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