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Residential and Day Retreats 
 Connection     Stillness     Healing

photo credit: bri horne

Take a breath.


News will be released in due course about opportunities for me to nurture you.

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To retreat is a chance to step away from the hectic or chaos or even simply the routine of everyday life to be restored to your more natural rhythm, to flow rather than force, amble rather than accelerate, receive rather than give.

Every retreat I hold for each guest I welcome carries the same intention - that the experience will be perfect for each individual; heart-warming and soul nourishing, a chance to leave the ordinary every day behind, a sacred pause, allowing for profound and intimate transformation.

photo credit: bri Horne

Whether we spend a few hours together, or a few days or more, you can expect a warm welcome along with genuine care and comfort, together with an invisible hand to guide you through the retreat.  

Always small and intimate, my retreats are for women only, offering sacred, gentle and magical ritual that guarantees meaningful connection, friendship and loving support of one another.  Tears may flow, yet laughter will lift your spirits high, rekindling a child-like wonder and reigniting a sense of lightness, tenderness and playfulness.  Retreats are potently experiential opportunities with every facet and angle aligned to healing on a deep level.

Guided meditation and visualisation play an important role in each residential retreat, offering you the chance to connect deeply within, enjoy stillness for the mind and rest for the body.

Food provided is, wherever possible, locally sourced, fresh and organic.  Dietary requirements are always willingly catered for.  Mealtimes are designed to nurture and nourish on a deep level,  sharing through conversation, listening to one another's stories, recognising how familiar they sound and acknowledging 'we are One'.


photo credit: sophie at sister scout


sacred sites retreat, england June 2019

Time spent in nature, whether around a fire pit at dusk, silent walks along leafy trails or visiting sacred sites are an integral and valuable part to each retreat.  

You will be guided to be quiet and at peace, to ground and to feel the pull of Mother Earth, to connect your heart beat with hers and to breathe deeply and restoratively once more.


play, restore, connect 

Now that I am once more settled in England, some retreats are in the early planning stage for 2024 in Australia and the UK


Enjoy an intuitive guidance with kinesiology session followed by a full body aromatherapy massage from my gorgeous friend and colleague, Kate.

Nurture Me - Mini Retreat : Re-commencing 2024
Residential Retreats

If you would like to be kept informed of future retreats, please register your interest here:

Connection and healing through Meditation

I am currently re-imagining my MEDITATION offerings, so I invite you to check back here soon.

In the meantime you are welcome to enjoy a (growing) collection of FREE guided meditations and visualisations which are available by clicking the button below.

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