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YOUR FUTURE AWAITS ....whatever the future may mean to you - tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year. 


You have a choice whether to fall into it, with no clear path to follow. 

Or to consciously create with intention, desire and meaning. 

To stand still, OR EVOLVE ........

Readily step into surrendering what no longer serves, revealing a fresh and new perspective, and creating a new narrative to live by. For you and for those you share your life with. 


The future you create invites deep inner understanding, and promises a life lived with integrity, presence, kindness and purpose.

EVOLUTION SOLUTION s a sequential programme delivered one-on-one online (via Zoom or similar) over 8 weeks  (75 minute sessions x 8) with investment of $995.00.   Click on 'Register now' below to send me an email.  From there we will decide on a time that suits us both, and you can choose between payment in full or payment plan ($130 x 8 payments)

The programme invites you to :

feel energised and good to be alive

know stillness and peace

enjoy enhanced relationships 

be nourished and nurtured

Rose quartz
Oracle card

Session one: grounding

a firm foundation to tread softly on the unknown path ahea

Out of survival mode and feeling like you’ll belong in the ‘new world’

Session two: creativity

find the joy in actively playing your part by activate your creative

Combine skilful action with innate wisdom and knowledge

Session three: flow

rest and digest, allow space for surrendering to what has been

Gain control, confidence and clarity to feel aligned to your environment


Session four: connection

allow stillness within to unite knowledge with grace

Embrace what is natural and wild within you


Session five: lighten up

live lighter and brighter to shake off procrastination and old burdens

Welcome expansive energy, health and devotion to self

Session six: harmony

being a calm voice amidst the chaos to ensure order and direction

Know what you want and need and how to communicate clearly and concisely


Session seven: senses

elevate your understanding to activate the senses for clear perspective

Know yourself intimately and believe that all your answers lie within

Session eight: knowing

wearing your crown of knowing, being a conscious evolving being

Discover your own inner guidance system and trust each step along your path

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