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Sunset stillness



photo credit: bri horne

"Meditation is a discourse intended to express its author's reflections".
The meditations I offer are created to guide you in contemplation, to invite stillness and provide opportunity for innate healing

Create harmony

I am delighted to offer you a series of free guided meditations and visualisations which I regularly update.

There is no right or wrong way to surrender to being guided in this way, allow yourself to give in to the experience, to journey wherever you most need to.

If you are new to meditation or to my work, I invite you to listen to the Welcome and introduction before diving into one of the meditations.

Some of the meditations which are general in nature will stay in the meditation library and others that are of a more topical or timely nature will remain for a short time before being removed.


Chipper McChill

connect, be still, heal

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