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Holistic Therapy
Energy Alignment

Transforming, honouring and celebrating life and life stages through harmonization and ceremony

Hello, I’m Rachel

Be aligned in mind, body and spirit

to live your life with meaning and purpose,

and to explore your inner world

is to gain a deep and loving understanding of self

Your experiences, thoughts, feelings, perceptions and more make up the storybook of your life.

To make meaning of your stories, by acknowledging and honouring them is truly potent.

As a therapist I guide you to understand your inner narrative, balancing and harmonizing the past, to learn from and release what no longer serves.  Then to create a more appropriate and enriching way for who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.

As a celebrant I create ceremony to celebrate you, your individual or shared stories.

I offer opportunities to join together as a group throughout the year to honour and celebrate the natural earth cycles aligning them to life stages and how we journey through these literally and metaphorically

I am also available as a Celebrant for ceremonies including, but not limited to, 

Baby naming


Maiden to Mother

Empty Nest

End of Life - Funeral

​At the heart of all I do, there is love. 

I am committed to actively listening, assisting you to make meaning of what is or has been, providing deeply meaningful ceremonies that touch hearts and secure heart-warming memories.

Embrace the opportunity to transform and evolve, surrendering what is heavy and burdensome, and lightly cross the threshold into tomorrow with a fresh perspective and an empowered determination to live life with ease and flow.

Be a gatekeeper of your own narrative,

conscious of your inner dialogue

experience vulnerability

take responsibility,

and move to self-acceptance.

My mission is to guide and encourage women to make peace within,  to know how and why self-nourishment is vital and to re-imagine a loving relationship with the True Self.

At the foundation of what I offer, drawing from my background in kinesiology and other metaphysical modalities,  is to acknowledge your story, honour your experiences and celebrate you as a unique and treasured Being.

Observing the beauty in nature all around,  I will guide you to become aligned to and embrace your own unique essence and dynamic light.  To grow, bloom and flourish.

Through our journey together you will be rewarded with  potent awareness, to commit to change, to evolve and to travel this earthly world widely awakened, nourished and loved.
I'm here, ready to walk alongside you...

Meet Rachel

Walk with me

Be gently held in a space that allows for your inner wisdom to speak up and be heard beyond the chatter.

online and in person sessions

Bespoke retreats held in beautiful residential locations close to home, interstate and overseas.

Meditations to nourish and heal

retreats and meditation

Learn practical tools, techniques and skills to expand emotional and spiritual intelligence

learning programs

Why It Works

Why it works
crystal energy
Heart Centered

Be held, supported and encouraged in an environment that is 100% non-judgemental, allowing for openness, honesty and vulnerability which together reveal your  resilience and strength.


From chaos to calm, from strive to thrive, gain a clear picture of your inner landscape and the triggers or patterns that create disharmony and distress.  The Inner Circle Process portrays  the aspects within you providing a refreshingly clear and upgraded dialogue with your True Self.


A fundamental premise of kinesiology is that the body has innate healing energy and is doing it’s best to care for itself. Sometimes it needs assistance to achieve this state. There are waves of energy within the body that relate to muscles, tissues and organs that make a body a living, feeling being.

nature energy
vibrational tools
Energy Alignment

We are all made of energy; we are all made up of a non-physical force that exists within and around our physical being.

Vibrational healing tools invite re-alignment of the chakras, energy fields and meridian pathways. Feel flow and lightness in and around you, offering a whole being sensory experience both uplifting and revitalising.

Emotional fluency

Understand your emotional intelligence, observe and be present to your feelings; allow them to freely ebb and flow.

Gain understanding and freedom from the messages your emotions offer you which are so often held in the cellular memory within your body.


Learn and commit to meaningful daily practices that centre and ground you, relieving you of the mental chatter.

Reconnect to your heart through nourishing daily rituals allowing it to beat in time with that of Mother Earth.

Yellow Flower


 I have had the absolute honour and pleasure of seeing Rachel for many many kinesiology/intuitive guidance sessions.  Rachel's warmth and compassion reaches out and holds you in a place of comfort and safety during every session.  Rachel has a true gift of being able to tune in to you and I have found each and every session to be incredibly informative and accurate and can always relate it to what is happening for me at the time and use it to move forward and grow.  

I have had both face to face sessions and distant phone consultations many times and I love the effectiveness of both, in particular the convenience of the phone consultations and would highly recommend this option to anyone!  

Rachel is just pure joy and I feel very blessed to have the support of this special lady in my life.


SS- Mornington Peninsula, Australia


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