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Best buddies Bingo the Brave and Captain O Confidence team up to work their magic, offering a booster to self-esteem and an ability to express what is wanted and needed.


BRAVE is a great combo for those starting school, moving house or going through other changes to circumstance.


For further details regarding Bingo the Brave and Captain O Confidence, please refer to the  PRODUCT INFO below. 

For ingredients and other important information, please refer to the individual product pages.


Pack contains 1 x 15ml pulse point balm and 1 x 30ml mist, together with a combined key elements cards as a useful reminder of the potential benefits.  PLEASE SPECIFY if there is a preference for which item comes as mist, and which as balm.

Best Buddy pack BRAVE

  • Bingo the Brave may assist in easier communication of wants and needs as well as the calm and safe expression of feelings.

    Bingo the Brave supports an ability to speak up and feel heard, and to enhance self-responsibility and self-belief.

    Bingo the Brave aims to bring reassurance, calm and courage after shock. and assists in being present and able to accept change.

    Bingo the Brave may assist where there is bed-wetting, nightmares or night terrors.


    Captain O Confidence has a superhero quality and is great for new experiences or show and tell days.

    Captain O Confidence brings in a strong sense of self and inner strength, more able to overcome obstacles and find inner resilience.

    Captain O Confidence supports an awareness of one's own worth and ability to follow one's own convictions.

    Celebrate inner and outer beauty with Captain O Confidence.

    Captain O Confidence aids gentle and calm release of emotion and brings a sparkle for life like bringing light into the darkness.

    FOR INGREDIENTS please visit the individual product page.

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