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Classroom buddies Peppy Pickles and Captain O Confidence pair up to bring focus, concentration and confidence, great for starting school, a new school year, facing learning challenges or entering exam period.


Pack contains 1 x 15ml body balm and 1 x 30ml mist, together with a key elements card sharing combined benefits.  PLEASE ADVISE if you have a preference for which comes as a balm and which as a mist.


Best Buddy pack READY STEADY

  • Peppy Pickles helps to increase concentration and focus, also aiding absorption of information, and assisting with brain integration*

    Peppy Pickles helps to disperse negative energy, reduce overwhelm, and ease or shift tiredness

    Peppy Pickles offers enhanced problem solving ability, clarity of direction and mental vitality

    Peppy Pickles aids willingness, persistence and application of skills

    *may assist stuttering & dyslexia


    Captain O Confidence has a superhero quality and is great for new experiences or show and tell days.

    Captain O Confidence brings in a strong sense of self and inner strength, more able to overcome obstacles and find inner resilience.

    Captain O Confidence supports an awareness of one's own worth and ability to follow one's own convictions.

    Celebrate inner and outer beauty with Captain O Confidence.

    Captain O Confidence aids gentle and calm release of emotion and brings a sparkle for life like bringing light into the darkness.


    For ingredients, please refer to individual product page



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