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Captain O Confidence has a superhero quality and is great for new experiences or show and tell days.


Captain O Confidence brings in a strong sense of self and inner strength, more able to overcome obstacles and find inner resilience.


Captain O Confidence supports an awareness of one's own worth and ability to follow one's own convictions.


Celebrate inner and outer beauty with Captain O Confidence.


Captain O Confidence aids gentle and calm release of emotion and brings a sparkle for life like bringing light into the darkness.



Captain O Confidence feels good being Captain O Confidence and says "I love beiing me".

Captain says to imagine there is a shiny yellow sun inside you, warming your tummy and making you feel good too.



The mist is designed for a subtle and easy application around pulse points, i.e. wrists, neck or temples. or can be spritzed onto belongings such as teddies, t-shirts, bedding, pillow.  


The mist can also be used as a room spritz.


The mist is easy for children to use and the all-natural ingredients and subtle quantity of essential oils used mean it is safe to use on young skin.


Please note:

Avoid spraying the mist into open eyes or mouth.

Try the mist on a small area first to ensure no irritation is caused.

Store out of direct sunlight.

Captain O Confidence mist

PriceFrom £20.00
  • Ingredients: Purified Water + Essential Oils; Pine, Rosemary, Bergamot + Flower Essences; Sturt Desert Rose & Five Corners, the Creativities Mother Tincture

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